when it’s too much even for your own standards

Tried to brave Ao3 for fics after Su-Zakana, but it not appears that every other story is alpha/omega… so I gave up. Does anyone have any fic recs…? ;;

Su-Zakana was pretty great, ngl

Welp, got a lot of angry anon messages when I criticized how the writers were handling Jack so anon’s going back off. 






I would like to resume my therapy.


I would like to resume my therapy.

re: Hannibal and Will interactions

I’m just so excited that Will has agency. 

As Hannibal said - Will’s never had more power than he does now and THAT’S FASCINATING. I want him to dominate Hannibal more and more.


at the end of the episode before last, I was also excited to see Jack being competent again. I really really like Jack and to have him buying into Hannibal’s lies so strongly YET AGAIN is really frustrating and not frustrating in the way that I think the writers intended

regardless of my complaints though I’m probably gonna eat up all the Will/Hannibal UST we’ll be possibly getting because I’m disgusting


photinus replied to your post: finally watched last week’s episode

ALL OF THESE ISSUES ARE SO ON POINT, thank you, the hypnotizing thing was especially jarring, and really, too much of the show is relying on everyone trusting hannibal so much, whERE DID THAT TRUST COME FROM??? HIS SUCCESS WITH WILL???


"ah  yes we should trust hannibal especially now that one of his patients is being institutionalized for being criminally insane. wow hannibal, you’re so great"

And even if they don’t believe he’s responsible, it would be the WISE thing to not to take everything he says at face value??

The second season would be more legitimately compelling if more than one-two major characters weren’t GLARINGLY INCOMPETENT or exercising extremely poor judgment

If Chilton is one of the least incompetent characters in your cast THAT IS NOT A GOOD SIGN